Nine9 NC Helix Drill_not only a drill, but an end mill too.
NC Spot Drill
Engraving Tool
indexable center drill
SLOKY Torque Screwdriver


About Us

Jimmore International Corp. is being an importer and exporter of cutting tools and tools systems for manufacturing into and from Taiwan since 1987. Our goal is to contiousely introduce the best products from Taiwan to wordwide and bring the latest technolgies to local customers. NINE9 and SLOKY are our popular niche prodcuts for cutting tool industry and adopted in various industrial field.

"Always Better", our vision that we're delicated to pursue all time, so we always strive for providing the correct products and service quality, maintaing stable delivery promise and securing the best before/after sales services, as our ISO 9001:2015 certificated " Quality, Delivery, Service ". With over 30 years efforts and developments, we're so proud that we're acknowledged a good reputation and enjoy being a bridge to connect all partners and customers as a family in wordwide.

Jimmore International Corp. is proud to introduce Nine9 brand cutting tools from Taiwan.
The Products is include NC Spot Drill, Corner Rounding Tools, Indexable Center Drill, Indexable Engraving Tools, Indexable Chamfering Mill, NC Helix Drill~ cuts material by Helical Interpolation.
3D and 4D Drills, 5D~10D Power Drills, Power mills and Boring tools. Solid Carbide End Mill and Drill, Tool Holders & Accessories.

Sloky torque adapter, a predicable, replaceable and organized tool.
It is considered to be used in industrial field having a greatest advantage of " no-over tighten".
When the demand torque is reached, there is a click sound; continued tightening is no longer to increase the torque on the screw.
It has a " reversible system " to use the same screwdriver for tightening and loosening the screw.


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